Monogram DIY place cards

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Happy Monday everyone! I can’t wait to get stuck into the new week. I have so many Christmas DIY projects planned. I’m itching to share them with you. In the meantime, I thought I would get into the holiday party frame of mind. Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we still have plenty of parties coming up and I couldn’t resist dedicating this week’s and next week’s DIY projects to entertaining. The last thing you want in the holiday season is to be messing around with really complicated DIYs, so both of them are ridiculously easy. Starting with this week’s monogram-style homemade place cards. I’m a sucker for those completely superfluous little touches. I mean, at most we have eight people over for dinner at once. We don’t need place cards, but these gold beauties are so easy to make and so glamorous that you can be forgiven for adding them to your table setting. After all, it’s very hygge!


thick cardboard. An old gift box or thick cardstock would work great
gold spray paint
gold glitter
scissors or craft knife
black ribbon
cursive letter template

I’ve made this DIY even easier for you by preparing a template for you to use. All you need to do is download it. Take a screen shot of the letters you need. I used the first letter of each of my guest’s names to make my place cards. Print four letters to a page to get the perfect place card size.


Cut and trace two copies of each letter onto your cardboard. Then cut the letters out with your scissors/craft knife.


Paste the two copies of each letter together. I was originally going to make this out of MDF, but I couldn’t find any and even if I could, I would have needed a saw to cut it, which would have made these homemade place cards a pain in the butt to make rather than an easy weekend project. By pasting two layers of cardboard together, your finished monogram letter is resistant and polished enough that it could easily pass off as wood.


Let the glue dry then grab your gold spray paint and coat both sides of your place cards. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes.


Place a really thick layer of glue over the surface of your place cards and cover liberally with gold glitter. Leave to dry for 30 minutes before you lightly shake any excess glitter off. Thread the black ribbon through and tie onto a linen table napkin to finish your homemade place cards.



In less than a hour you can make a gorgeous monogram for each guest. They would make a great gift to take home too either on their own or tied around a small pot of homemade jam or tea. And how elegant would they be as wedding place cards? I think you could rope in a few bridesmaids to help you make them all…

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