Pretty painted Halloween pumpkins

Alright, so Halloween isn’t really a holiday in Italy. I’m single-handedly trying to get the trend started. When I was a kid, we never celebrated Halloween. Mum wasn’t all that big on witches and demons. Now that I have my own home thousands of kilometres away, I find myself drawn to Halloween. I love the pageantry and macabre of it all. Every year, my celebration gets just a little bit bigger.

The Halloween decorations you find in Italian stores are horrible. Besides, I don’t particularly like putting in all that work for one day. I much prefer to tailor my decor to something that’s more tastefully autumn than full on Halloween gag inducing.

Painted pumpkins aren’t reinventing the wheel. They’ve been making the rounds online for the last decade, but I like to think that mine is a new take on the trend. Like everything I do, these painted pumpkins are understated, modern and more of a statement piece than a holiday decoration. You can proudly display them all autumn and you only need some paint and a gold marker to get the look.



2 pumpkins – vary size and shape for a striking visual display
black and white acrylic paint
gold permanent marker


Protect your work surface with some old newspapers and paint one pumpkin white and one black. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

pumpkin3 pumpkin-painted-5

Grab your gold permanent marker and colour in the pumpkin stem. Then decorate with geometric triangles. You can draw them freehand (like I did) or you can sketch them on with a pencil first and trace over in gold. Leave to dry for an hour or so.

pumpkin-painted-2 pumpkin-painted-social

These would look gorgeous on an autumn dining scape surrounded by a few tea light candles or outside on the porch with a lantern – that’s where I plan to put mine! I’m so chuffed with the result that I might just make another 3 or 4 to keep these ones company!

You can see my terrible attempt at a ghost paper chain in the background. Clearly I need to practise before Halloween!

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