Quick DIY feather headband

A couple of weeks ago I cut my fringe. I instantly regretted it. No only does it not suit me, it’s now so long, it keeps getting into my eyes. Annoying!

Pushed to breaking point, I had two options: shave it off or get a headband. Since I don’t like those plastic headband – they hurt my head after a while – I decided to make my own headband that would be both practical and pretty and prevent me from committing hairocide on my own head.


I saw a few feather headbands online and was inspired to make my own. About 15 minutes later, I had a fantastic headband that does the job and looks gorgeous!

headband-7 headband-8

I picked up a feather template online. There’s no reason why it has to be a feather. You could use any design you like from a thin, simple rectangular band to a more elaborate chain of hearts. There are no rules. You can download the template I used here: the template I used here

Along with this, You’ll need:
25cm of soft pleather fabric in dark brown
black ribbon
glue gun
fabric scissors
fabric pencil

I picked up my fabric from Bacci Tessuti in Florence, but you should be able to find something in your local fabric store or pick it up online from trusty Amazon.it.

Trace your feather pattern onto the back of your fabric and cut it out. I cut off the stem because it looked neater without it.


Measure the width of the back of head from ear to ear. You’ll need about double the amount in ribbon. That way you’ll have enough to tie a bow at the base of your skull. Cut the ribbon in half and pin to either end of your feather. Test it on your own head. At this point, I found the feather was too thick for my forehead, so I thinned it out a bit.

headband 1

Fold in half and press over it with something heavy to form the ‘stem’. Do not iron over your fabric! That’s how I ruined my first headband. I ironed it onto one of my tea towels by mistake. Ooops.


Add a dab of glue on either end and secure your ribbon to your feather. Done! Now get out and show off your gorgeous new accessory!


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