QUICK DIY: Yay confetti card

I am a professed lover of homemade birthday cards. All the cards I can find at my local cartoleria are a little bit old school. Plus I like English cards to go with my English message.

00-main-picture-post-card card4

This super quick DIY is perfect if you have a spare moment and can be made with the things you have lying around the house. You can personalise the message and colours, and I have to say I’ve given these to adults and kids and they both love it!

You can design the message free hand or use my YAY template. To make the blank card, I just took an A4 sheet of thick drawing paper and cut it to size. You can use shop bought confetti or make your own with a selection of coloured paper.


How to:

1. Print and cut out the YAY template to make a stencil, if using. Trace or draw your message on the inside of the card. This way, you won’t have any grey lead marks on the front.


2. Cut out your message using a very sharp utility knife. I find using a ruler helps get straight lines.


3. Cut your plastic pocket to shape. I just used one of those plastic pockets you have for documents. I cut it from the bottom corner so two of the edges were already sealed and measured it so it was the same shape as my text. Then I glued it down over the letters on the inside of the card.


4. Fill with plenty of confetti. Then glue the two open sides of the plastic pocket shut.


5. Wait until it dries and write your messages of love on the inside!

card card3 card2

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