Quick modern advent calendar


I know it’s Dec 1 and this advent calendar is waaaay overdue, but I had a completely different plan in the works for two weeks and it simply would not play ball. Bummed, but not defeated, I had an epiphany last night and threw this quick advent calendar together. It’s modern. It’s easy and it’s downright gorgeous.


1. grab two packs of mini greeting cards with envelopes from your local discount store
2. download and print my advent calendar numbers template onto white card stock
3. cut along the guidelines
4. punch a hole in each number and envelope
5. write your daily surprises on the cards and slip them into their envelopes

When it comes to writing your daily surprise, that’s up to you. One of the things I really love about this calendar is that it’s couples’ friendly. Giulio and I don’t have kids and an advent calendar full of candy or little gifts isn’t really our style. So I came up with 25 little activities that we can do together instead. December passes so quickly and often we don’t take the time to enjoy this beautiful season. These advent calendar activities will force us to take a moment to soak it all in and spend time together doing something fun!

These are my 25 “surprises”, which I just wrote in calligraphy pen on each card before I put it in its envelope.

1. Watch a Christmas movie
2. Put up the Christmas tree
3. Drink mulled wine
4. Go for a wintry walk
5. Make a Christmas wreath
6. Go Christmas shopping
7. Make mince pies
8. Read a Christmas story
9. Make a gingerbread house
10. Light a holiday scented candle
11. Write Christmas cards
12. Put on a Christmas CD
13. Make a festive flower arrangement
14. Visit a Christmas market
15. Wrap gifts
16. Make a favourite family holiday recipe
17. Set up the Nativity Scene
18. Have a special pre-holiday meal with your family or friends
19. Drink hot chocolate
20. Donate a toy to charity
21. Sing a Christmas carol
22. Roast chestnuts
23. Visit a live nativity
24. Choose a Christmas tree
25. Bake cookies for your neighbours (or co workers)

As for where to hang it, I was planning on making a dedicated frame, but then I thought, why? These would look so beautiful hung on my Christmas tree with a bit of kitchen twine. Plus each day will be like a mini scavenger’s hunt to find the right envelope. Of course, you could just as easily stick them to the wall in the shape of a tree or string them up on a wooden clothes hanger.

Have a very festive start to Christmas!

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