Recipe farro & zucchini salad


Tuscany has endured a month-long heat stroke that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Not that I’m complaining! I love the warm weather, but it does make eating and sleeping a chore. Since they’re two of my favourite activities, I’ve been a little on edge lately.

I wanted to make something for lunch yesterday that was quick, easy and cool enough to enjoy. So I threw together a few ingredients for an Italian-inspired, Australian-fusion salad that I can already feel is going to become a fixture in my home.

It uses farro, which is a nutty flavoured grain that’s really good for. Since it’s not a carb, it’s super healthy too.


I’ve mixed it with zucchini because my father-in-law had a hundred of them in his garden, but you can roast tomatoes, pumpkin or whatever vegetable you have on hand. You could even use cucumber or sugar snap peas if you want to keep things raw.

The dressing is my must-have vinaigrette, flavoured with mustard, honey, lemon juice and cumin. I pour it on everything from simple lettuce salads to roast beef or baked potatoes. I don’t really have exact measurements when it comes to this dressing. It all depends on your tastes. So if you like it sweeter, add more honey or if you want it to be more acidic, add some red wine vinegar.




I served this salad with this cute bottle of raspberry-flavoured ginger beer that I found at a supermarket in Rome. The ginger beer was horrible, but I was on the right track. You could have a dry white wine with this or a cider. Anything cold and not too sweet works great.




Happy Tuesday! xx

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