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Happy Monday everyone! Autumn is well and truly here in Tuscany and I’m trying to get into the cold weather mood with a beautiful DIY. I think wreaths are such a luxurious and welcoming touch to any front door. I made one with jasmine last year on the blog and I’ve been itching to try my hand at it again ever since.

Since it’s autumn, my first thought was rosemary. For starters, it’s bulky, which means you need a lot less of it to get a fuller looking wreath. Plus, it’s the sort of plant most people have in their gardens – including people like me, who kill absolutely everything else that’s not made of plastic. Not to mention, it smells gorgeous and stays green for weeks after you pick it. It took me about 40 minutes to finish this DIY, but I was catching up on the latest episode of the Great British Bake Off, so I didn’t grumble as much as I would have normally.



a lot of rosemary, I suggest you do this next to the rosemary bush, so you have an endless supply.
green wire ties
a steel coat hanger


Start by shaping your coat hanger into a rough circle. You can smooth any bumps out with a pair of pliers, but it doesn’t haven’t be to perfect. Your rosemary will help shape it.


Snip off 20cm springs of rosemary. Bunch 6-8 springs together and secure with a wire tie. Give each bunch a gentle bend, so they have a slightly curved shape. This will ensure your bunches follow the circular shape of the wreath, rather than just sticking out at all ends.


Secure your first bundle to your coat hanger with a wire tie – snip off any excess. Overlap the second bundle so it’s covering the first wire tie and secure into place. Keep securing your bundles until the entire coat hanger is covered. You want to make sure all your bundles are facing the same direction. If you need to, you can tuck a few extra springs of rosemary into the wreath to cover any wire ties that can still be seen.



If you like, you can hang your wreath as is or add a single white flower for colour. I used a calla lily I picked from my garden. If you don’t want to hang your wreath from the coat hanger’s hook, you can cut it off with a pair of pliers.


I am so happy with how this DIY turned out. Every time I step out on to the front porch, the sight of my wreath makes me smile, and I’m already thinking about how to pull together a more festive version for Christmas – maybe with mistletoe?

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