Spring Sun Seeking

I know spring doesn’t officially start until the 21st, but I’m the kind of girl who counts her seasons in nice rounded three-month blocks, so for me, it’s spring.

March/April is usually holiday season for Giulio and I. A couple of years ago, we went to Japan and it was absolutely magical. Another year, we went to Istanbul. This year we were planning on going to the U.S, but my brother ruined it for us by getting married 🙂

So instead, we have to make a very short (and very expensive) trip to Australia to celebrate his nuptials. I sound absolutely spoilt, but returning to Australia is not really a holiday to us. We don’t have enough time to make a side trip somewhere and we will just be stuck at home helping with the wedding.

Since this trip to Australia counts as our only vacation for this year, I’m suffering from a serious case of wanderlust, dreaming of other beautiful and warm places I wish I could visit instead. Here are some of my favourites


Villa Las Tronas – Sardinia

This mansion was a holiday home for the Italian royal family until the ’60s and it looks breathtaking. I have always wanted to visit Sardinia, which enjoys gorgeous weather and nature-park views, while the rest of us on the mainland are freezing our butts off!

Brindisi – Puglia

Being half-Calabrian myself, I have a fascination with Southern Italy. Everything is so much spicer, more passionate and warmer than Tuscany. Sometimes, I like to think of the Tuscans as the British of Italy – they’re so staid and proper! I’ve been dreaming of Puglia for a while and Brindisi is meant to be unforgettable with its Roman and Baroque architecture and cucina povera (peasant cuisine).


Santorini – Greece

This is a favourite destination with every sun seeking Italian I know… except me! I’ve never been despite my absolute love for Greece. I went to Athens when I was 18 on one of my very first overseas vacations and I remain enthralled. There is something so enchanting about the sense of abandon – in the people and buildings – and simple, yet vibrant cuisine.

Jerusalem – Israel

Jerusalem is my next Istanbul. There are some destinations that I pine for. The first was Dubai, then it was Istanbul and now it’s Jerusalem. I might visit a million destinations in between, but I’ll be dreaming of Jerusalem until I make it there. I know it’s not the safest of places, but I am drawn to the culture and the millennia of history.


The South – USA

My brother is actually honeymooning in the States, so if he’s not careful, he will get a fork in the eye either before or after his big day – I’m that jealous. I’ve only been to America once, on a very short and disastrous family holiday to New York. I’m desperate to road trip through the South though if only to eat fried chicken and collard greens. But it’s the sort of vacation you can’t do in a week and that’s all the time Giulio and I ever have. Still New Orleans calls to me. It’s a €1,000 flight with a stopover in Newark (where is that?) alone. So if we want to go, we’ll have to start saving big time!


I also wouldn’t say no to a free vacation to the Canary Islands, Mexico or Hawaii… if anyone is offering!


Photos: Sardinia | Puglia | Jerusalem | New Orleans

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