Spring Vegetable Pasta (Pasta Primavera) with Broad Beans and Sausage

spring vegetable pasta

One of my favourite spring memories as a kid was helping my grandmother shuck broad beans. We’d sit under her terraced verandah with a huge bucket of fagioli, as they’re known in Italian, and we’d pluck out the beans one by one. I remember freaking out the first time I shucked them. The outside skin is really tough and you have split it with your nail to open it. Instead a handful of bright green beans are nestled into this furry little shell, which feels like peach fuzz. It’s the strangest texture. One time, I tried to take a bite out of the broad bean skin and I promise you, it’s bitter, horrible and leaves your entire mouth tingling. 

Red wine pasta with nettle butter sauce

The bright pink colour comes from the red wine I used to replace the water in the recipe. It might sound strange, but  don’t worry, red wine pasta doesn’t taste like a bowl full of Chianti. Instead the flavour is very subtle. You only get hints of the red wine in the background. And the flavour pairs really well with my butter sauce.