The word for 2017

It’s January 20, so I should have thought of my word for the year about 3 weeks ago, but then that would make this year’s word, organised… and I am anything but. I don’t really make new year’s resolutions. Well, this year I did. Gossip less. I am the most self-effacing gossip. I can’t help it. I have never really kept my cards to my chest. I don’t think you can as a blogger. I tend to tell everyone everything, whether they want to hear it or not. But this year, I promised myself I would keep my mouth shut. I’ve realised that just because I don’t care what people know about me doesn’t mean that everyone I gossip about feels the same. So my lips are officially sealed. Tell me anything. I promise I won’t blab!

I’m excited about 2017. I have no reason to be. Everything is exactly as it was in 2016, but I feel like so much fun and fulfilment is waiting in the wings. Which brings me to this year’s word. I did it last year and I loved it. It’s nice to have one simple concept in mind to motivate you as time flies by. It centres you, especially if you write it down and pin it somewhere you can look at it often. 2016 was a really busy year for me. I was basically teaching English full time, which is a win for expat self-sufficiency, but not so great for expat self-fulfilment. I never signed up to be a teacher. My mother is a teacher, so if I had wanted to be one, I would have. I sort of just fell into it. One person asked if I taught English, then another, then another and next thing you know I’m yelling at a bunch of 15-year-olds about the difference between three and tree for the millionth time. While I still have all my teaching appointments waiting for me when I get back to Italy and a few more I managed to pick up along the way, I really want to focus on doing the things I love this year. I want to turn hobbies into jobs and get back to what I always wanted to do. I feel like I’ve veered a little off course and this year, I’ve promised myself to turn the GPS back on and get back on track. No more floating down the river of life aimlessly. Which brings me to this year’s word…

work it

Hell, that’s two words, but no one is keeping score. Half of our life (or at least half of my life) is spent inventing excuses for not doing the things we want to do. We’re scared to fail. We doubt our abilities. We procrastinate or deliberately keep ourselves busy with easier menial tasks. Guilty of all four. But I realised, soon (hopefully not too soon), I will go into the light and those excuses won’t matter. I will be erased from the earth and while I don’t really feel as though I need to leave a lasting impression – I am not Einstein – I do want to have at least tried to do what I love. What is rejection, failure or disappointment in the face of death? Who cares if it doesn’t work? No one is going to cart you off to the gallows and kill you because your business idea was a bust. I’d rather try and fail a million times then reach my last days with a list of things I’d wish I’d done. Morbid for a Friday right?… sorry. Just remember, opportunities don’t grow on trees. You have to work at them. So before I turn into one of those cliched motivational speakers, I will refer to myself in the third person as I scream: “WORK IT, ELISA. WORK IT!!!!” Silently of course, I don’t want the other people in this library to think I’m nuts! Have a great weekend xx

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