Three steps to more beautiful handwriting

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always been truly envious of my mother’s handwriting. A student of the old school ways, her handwriting is a beautiful and almost European cursive that is effortlessly stylish and mature. Mine in comparison is a blockish, half cursive, half print mess that could have been penned by a 10-year-old.


Normally, it doesn’t bother me. I do most of my work on the computer, but every time I have to write a card, I cringe. My childish handwriting makes even the most beautiful card look, well, cheap. Well and truly annoyed, I have, of late, been making a real effort to improve my handwriting. Here are my top tips.



Get your hands on a ball point pen. It doesn’t have to be a fancy Parker pen. Your standard ball point pen is fine. You’ll be able to get a much neater and cleaner script with a ball point because it flows easier. I prefer using black, but a really deep and dark blue looks lovely too.



You can’t imagine the amount of times I have ruined a beautiful card by writing the wrong thing or having to scribble out a spelling mistake! Argh! It’s so annoying. Take the time to write what you want to say on a piece of scrap paper first and don’t let yourself be distracted. Beautiful handwriting isn’t rushed and while it might seem strange, writing slower actually produces a better and more flowing script.



There are very few people who can write true beautiful cursive anymore. That said, the difference between a beautiful handwritten note and a rubbish one is the flourishes. Make your script large and extravagant. Join your letters and add long tails to your fs, gs, rs, bs,ws and ts. Don’t be afraid to go back and correct a letter if you have to.

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