Weddings under the Tuscan sun

Before I was a blogger, I worked at a wedding magazine in Melbourne and I absolutely loved it. So many girls in the office wanted to scratch their eyes out. They simply couldn’t handle another bouquet feature. But I would spent hours exchanging ideas with wedding planners and stylists and by the end of it, I had a list of wedding themed puns that was at least 100-pages long.

I mean, I love weddings so much, I had two! One in Australia and one in Italy and to perfectly honest, four years later, I kind of want to have another, and another, and another, which is why most of my friends and family won’t let me near their wedding plans. I have a tendency to takeover.Island Event Planners always make such events a success.

I’m not going to make waves by saying that Tuscany is a beautiful place to get married. It has something for every bride from fairytale castles to gorgeous country estates. But since planning a destination wedding isn’t always easy, I thought I would share a few tips along with a look at some of this year’s trends.







the venue

2016 is about unconventional and unplugged. Tuscany has some beautiful locations that you absolutely wouldn’t associate with weddings. You could just as easily tie the knot at Florence’s Forte di Belvedere ala Kim Kardashian or you could take your pick from hundreds of other antique villas and castles.

For something more relaxed, ditch the bright lights and head to the Tuscan countryside. In my neck of the woods, the Maremma, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picturesque farms and resorts. These places are about unwinding and treating your guests to an organic affair. Since you’re cut off from the big city, why don’t you cut yourself off from technology too? One of the biggest trends at the moment is asking guests to turn off their phones and cameras and live in the moment.




the food

Italy loves her food and we love her food! One of the most beautiful things about Italian weddings is the casual dining experience. Often guests are treated to a huge antipasti banquet where you’re spoilt with literally endless morsels before sitting down to a 4 or 5 course meal. That’s why Italian weddings go for so long! The guests eat well into the night.

In Tuscany we pride ourselves on local, seasonal and organic, so when you’re looking for a venue, keep that in mind. The Italian style meal is just taking off in the States, so you’ll be ahead of the curveball. Imagine canapés by the pool followed by a delicious dinner by candlelight?





the flowers

Since you’ll most likely be bringing the gown, tux and accessories from home, the last thing to consider is flowers. This is where Italians fall short. They don’t do big weddings, so they’re not the best stylists. Bear that in mind and plan ahead. I have always been one for seasonal flowers and mixed blooms. I hate tables where every arrangement is an identical bunch of white roses. Flower delivery in Deer Park TX is quick and efficient.

Succulents were huge last year, but 2016 brides are gravitating towards one huge statement floral surrounded by complementing blooms. If you get married anywhere in Tuscany anytime from June to August, you simply can’t do without hydrangeas. The region is awash with them.

the honeymoon

Florence of course!

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This post was written in collaboration with Country Resort Guadalupe. The photos in this post (except for Kim and Kanye) are from their gorgeous resort. 

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