Week 26: L’Amore

Another week has ended and I want to mark my first week of real blogging with a new feature: an ode to the most beautiful bits and pieces floating around the web and (mostly) available in Italy. Have a fantastic weekend!


no.1 summer greens: One of the most frustrating things about dinner parties is not having suitably beautiful serving plates. It sounds like such a first world problem, but when I got married, I had this fixation with all white dinnerware. Now I’m quietly kicking myself and trying to rescue my boring dining set. This is another one to add to the collection. It’s perfect for summer and is from Zara Home at a steal for only €20.
no.2 harem ware: Giulio and I are planning a much anticipated about trip in Istanbul in July, so my thoughts are suitably filled with the Ottoman Empire. I stumbled across this on Zara and it has been in my dreams ever since. Can’t you just imagine exploring the souks in it? It’s €69, but sales are coming soon and it’s first on my list.
no.3 pallet evolution: I’ve been toying with the idea of pallet furniture for a good month. A quick web search proves that making chairs and tables out of pallets is relatively easy, cheap and can be quite elegant, but I’m worried it’s a fad. In fact, this gorgeous teak chair by Maison du Monde is the evolution of the pallet trend. It’s also a hefty €499, which makes it about €450 out of my budget.
no.4 tea for two: On Tuesday, I broke my favourite teapot. It was one of those horrible situations where you try to save a glass that tumbles out of the cupboard and it falls directly onto your most favourite piece of crockery. I didn’t even like the glass, so naturally it didn’t break. This handmade one-of-the-kind teapot by local Pitigliano artisan Abbaluna is helping me heal.
no.5 in flames: I love the idea of a fire pit. It’s probably too impractical for roasting marshmallows, but I simply won’t accept my terrace without one. This is from Houzz and is two grand. Luckily, I have a DIY version that is just as gorgeous. I’ll be sharing it next week!

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