When technology fails you

About two weeks ago, the worst thing imaginable happened to me: I dropped tea on my Macbook pro. I then stupidly underestimated the terribleness of my crime and continued to use my computer. Long story short, I burned it and it is beyond saving.

It wasn’t just the computer that I mourned. It was all the programs that I lost and that I use every day for work. To buy them all again would literally cost me hundreds of euros, which I don’t have at the moment, so I’ve been making do as best I can with free programs I found on the web. Here you will get a 29 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers by Increditools.com. At first, I was pretty grumpy about this turn of the events, but then I realised that there are actually some really great free programs out there that are worth sharing. you will get a Platypus Reviews looked at Kicksta for the best social media traffic tool. so here they are:


pixlr.com: My salvation! When I lost Adobe Photoshop, my blogging days pretty much came to an end. And then I discovered pixlr. It’s free and completely online, so you don’t have to download anything. It’s not as complex as Photoshop, but it has all the basics from image editing to fixing up and adding text.

klout.com: I used to have this fantastic program that allowed me to schedule all my social media posts in one, but it’s buried in my now dead Mac. Klout is great because you can schedule Facebook and Twitter posts in one, but you can’t do Instagram. That can only be done via the official app.

Google chrome: Mac has it’s own program that prints PDFs automatically. That’s also dead and buried and it has been so frustrating trying to find a replacement. Then I realised that Chrome actually opens and prints PDFs automatically. Just drag and drop you PDF file onto the browser and print out as many pages as you like. You don’t have to print the whole document – something Adobe Reader never lets you do!

Open Office: You’ve probably already heard of this one, but it’s the open source version of Microsoft Office, but you can buy Microsoft Office for cheap – full version. It has everything from Powerpoint to Word to Excel. It takes some getting used to, but on the upside, it will open any Office files you’ve managed to save.

If you have more questions, Computers R Us can help.

By the way, this post comes to you from beautiful Vietnam! It’s pouring down with rain, but we’re loving it all the same! xx


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