Wk 31: Gli Amori

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Another week is over and we’re hot, sticky and more than a little sleep-deprived. We live above a bakery, which sounds delightful, but the baker is, I think, having problems with his oven, so we keep being woken by the smell of burning kerosine. The smell is so bad, closing the windows and tossing and turning from heat stroke is preferable.

But, I’m excited by the weekend. On Saturday, Manciano celebrates its biggest festival, Vivamus, complete with a fashion show featuring yours truly. I’ll Instagram my model shots! And on Sunday, I’m throwing Giulio another birthday party so he can celebrate with his parents.

Next week around here, I’ll be sharing the snaps from my party for two, a great DIY project to build your own pallet-style bench and some advice for expats heading home for the summer. In the meantime, here’s what’s excited me this week from the web.

NO.1 – ready for my close up: I’m heading back to Australia in August and one of the things I hate most is the plane trip. I’m not a glamorous flyer and after 24 hours in the same clothes, I just feel gross. You’re thinking, so what? But I’m a firm believer that looking nice and feeling nice is somehow the secret solution to making the Rome-Melbourne flight less torturous. So I picked up this mini travel kit from Caudalie,€10. It’s an all natural cosmetics company and the kit has everything you need to freshen up on the plane.

NO.2 – clean queen: I just discovered H&M has a homeware line and it blew my mind! This cute sponge by them is just €2. I think if you have to have one hanging around your kitchen, why not have one that’s design?

NO.3 – affordable arrangements: I’m styling the tables for the festival that’s on tomorrow and I have zero budget, so this week has been all about working with the natives that grow so abundantly in the Tuscan countryside. Most of the flowers have already bloomed and died, so I’m planning to work magic with foliage. I’m really inspired by this arrangement, which uses leaves and small, unripened apples and apricots. It’s simple and natural, which is the look I’m going for.

NO.4 – chicer than canvas: In Italy, the supermarkets don’t supply you with shopping bags, so you have to bring your own or buy the ugly plastic ones they provide you. As much as I love canvas shopping bags, I think they’ve had their 15 minutes of fame and it’s time to move onto something a little chicer that can double as a beach bag or picnic bag. This one’s from Mango, €15, and has a great ethnic style print.

NO.5 – get in my house now: Proof that H&M is making some gorgeous homewares for just €30. This rug is right on trend and is so cheap, I might buy two!

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