Wk 42: Gli Amore

This weekend I’m off to check out Hotel Argentario on the Argentario Coast and while there is definitely no sun forecast, I’m hoping a day at the beach in almost winter isn’t a terrible idea. I have this picture of Giulio and I huddled with downtrodden faces and towels wrapped around our shoulders fighting off the cold. Hold on, I didn’t imagine that. It actually happened to us when we went to the ‘Sunshine Coast’ in Australia on the only weekend when there was no sunshine apparently.

In Southern Tuscany, it’s olive fever, so I’ll be squeezing in some olive picking over my father-in-law’s too! Hope you have something gorgeous planned for this autumn weekend.

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no.1 – high hopes: Since I live extremely far away from a book store and even further from an English bookstore, I never know what new books are out. But City on Fire is so big, it’s popped up on my radar and I couldn’t resist buying it over at Book Depository. Suffice to say, if it’s over hyped, I will be very disappointed!

no. 2 – from the land: Like I said, it’s olive fever in Tuscany as everyone picks their olive harvest. My father-in-law has 30 trees, which translates into a lot of work for him this weekend. But I’ll have a great new olive oil recipe up next week to celebrate.

no.3 – feeling nordic: Zara Home has gone Nordic, which is music to my ears. I’m already making my Christmas sales wish list and this pillow is on it. It’s €35, but it’s glorious.

no.4 – scary decor: Halloween is not an Italian holiday, but I can’t help getting into it. I love the idea of decking your house out in creepy bits and pieces, even if it’s only for one day. I have a fantastic Halloween decor project planned for next week that I can’t wait to share with you.

no.5 – trash chic: These paper bag bins have been all over the internet now for a couple of years. I wanted one for the office, but they’re really expensive. Ridiculously expensive if you consider it’s just a paper bag. So I made my own by heading to the shops and buying a cute plain brown paper bag in the size I needed. I then cut out a piece of really thick cardboard to line the base and make my bag stand up on its own and voilà! Paper bag bin for euro cents.


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