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Continuing on with my Christmas themed posts, I couldn’t resist sharing one about wrapping presents better. When I was a kid back in Australia, I used to love buying presents from one of the big department stores. At Christmas time, they offered free wrapping and the people there wrapped the best presents.

Every year, I try to wrap beautiful presents and every year, they turn out pretty average. So I headed online, did a bit of studying and came up with a foolproof system for much more beautifully wrapped presents.

beautiful gift wrapping main photo

It’s about the little details. 

gorgeous christmas gift wrapping cheaper-ways-to-wrap-gifts (2)present1

It’s a no brainer that beautiful wrapping paper makes all the difference, but it’s also super expensive. I’m not paying €10 for a roll of wrapping paper that lasts me one present. So one of my tricks is to use brown paper or butcher’s paper to wrap the entire present and then use a band of expensive paper for visual effect.

This is particularly useful when you have a giant present. You save money, but your presents still look gorgeous. I use the same technique with my ribbon. Instead of wrapping the entire way around the present, I cut a band and stick the two ends together at the base of the present with a bit of sticky tape. Then I add a bow in a thinner ribbon in a similar colour for some contrast and style.

For beautifully coordinated presents, use one, max two types of wrapping paper only and mix it up with these four designs:

gift wrapping ideas

1. smaller presents can be wrapped entirely in your beautiful paper with just a ribbon on top
2. slightly bigger ones can be wrapped entirely in beautiful paper with a band of thick ribbon
3. bigger presents can be wrapped in brown paper with a band of beautiful paper
4. some of your bigger presents can have ribbon added on top of the band for added effect.

And if the ribbon on top feels a little lonely, I like to add a sprig of something green from my garden. It’s free after all.

gift-wrap-varieties (2)easier-gift-wrap-ideas (2)

As for cutting straight bands out of the wrapping paper, my best tip is to make a little slit at the edge of the paper to the width you want. Fold the wrapping paper over to crease it along that slit, making sure you line up the edge before cutting. Then follow the fold with your scissors for a nice, crisp finish!



Here’s to more beautiful presents! xx

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